INSTRUCTIONS:  Once you have added the products into your cart, you will be directed to the checkout.  At checkout you will be given the option to input your campaigns’ mission codes.  You may put multiple codes in if you want to distribute profits to more than one campaign.  If you want to research the campaigns before making your choices please go to

At the end of each month, profits are calculated and then distributed to the campaign owners.  It is BuyGive’s goal to have all the profits of the preceding month distributed by the 10th of the following month.  You may then review the progress of the campaign(s) in which you support by monitoring their funding graphs at

GLOBAL DEFAULT CODE:  If you are uncertain about which mission campaign to choose, you may opt to use the generic code of GLOBAL.  The staff at Commission Box are in contact with the missionaries around the world.  When immediate needs arise, we then use the funds allocated with the GLOBAL code to meet those needs.

MISSIONARY DEPUTATION:  Missionaries that have been verified by (CB) are given access to business cards and other literature, which they can use to do deputation work. Deputation work is where a missionary visits churches, businesses, clubs, or individuals and presents their mission activity in hopes of gaining financial support.  On the literature, they list their Campaign Code for their Commission Box Campaign.  This code is then used by consumers to specify which campaigns to designate their profits to.

COMMISSIONBOX.ORG: (CB) is responsible for verifying missions and posting the codes to be used at the checkout.  CB is a donor advised funding site where all funds are under the control of the sponsoring organization.  This means that someone may go to the site, give a donation, and request that a particular recipient be given that donation.  Donations are tax deductible.    See for more information.