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Early in our ministry, Bro. Rocky became burdened by all the children he saw, children who were malnourished and lacking life’s basic necessities.  His heart longed to minister to these precious children in a special way.  It was through the Holy Spirit that our Shepherd’s Bag Ministry was born.  After praying for ways to bless the children of the world, the Spirit brought the story of David and Goliath to Bro. Rocky’s heart.  As a shepherd boy, David relied on the contents of his “shepherd’s bag”.  Everything he needed to fight the enemy, those things trying to hurt or kill his sheep, he kept close by him in his little pouch.  On the day he would fight Goliath, David took 5 smooth stones from the river bed and placed them in his bag as he headed towards Goliath.  This became the concept behind our Shepherd’s Bags.  Using a one gallon zip bag, we can bless needy children around the world.  It’s a simple gift that has opened more doors to the gospel than we ever dreamed.

Through our Shepherd’s Bag Ministry™ we have had the privilege of preaching the gospel in over 8 different countries and to countless children, adults, and teachers.  We praise God for each person He has brought to Himself through this ministry.  This year we hope to send our first container of Shepherd’s Bags to the country of Tanzania.  We ask you to pray for those who will receive these bags.  May the Holy Spirit go before us and prepare the hearts of those who will receive these gifts and possibly even hear the gospel for the very first time.  We give him all the glory for what He is going to do!

Our Shepherd’s Bags make a great project for VBS, youth groups, Sunday School departments, and WMA groups.  Our Shepherd’s Bag distribution teams to Honduras also make a great option for a short term mission trip!  If you or your church would like more information on how to get involved in this ministry, please contact our Shepherd’s Bag Coordinator, Fonda Norris at (870) 226-3626 or [email protected].

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